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All About Parrots is your one-stop destination for everything you need to know about parrot care.

Whether you’re looking for a specific answer to a parrot problem or want to learn more about caring for a baby parrot, browse our extensive collection of articles for the full low-down.

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Meet The All About Parrots Owner

Behind ‘All About Parrots‘ is a lady with many years of hands-on experience and a passion for parrots.

Our Mission

We love parrots and aim to share our expertise with fully-fledged and would-be bird owners.

I’m aware that there’s a wealth of misinformation on the internet. Parrots aren’t like other birds – they have specific needs and require more care than most.

Without this key information, they suffer from nutritional deficiencies and behavioral problems – many of which can be avoided with the right care.

We appreciate your time is precious, so we aim to give you straightforward advice that’s easy to digest. We provide science-backed information coupled with first-hand experience with parrots.

You’re probably ready to dive right in by getting information on your most burning questions. We’ve covered the most up-to-date parrot care tips and advice, including:

Dr. Daisy A. May MRCVS BVSc (Distinction), Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Daisy A. May MRCVS BVSc Veterinary Surgeon

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisy-may-32b93a155

Dr. May qualified with distinction from the University of Liverpool Veterinary School in 2019.

Dr. May completed various placements during her academic years, including a competitive final-year elective at Chester Zoo.

Since graduating, Dr. May has hung up her zoo medicine hat and focused on smaller patients.

When she isn’t writing, Dr. May works in a small animal practice as a ‘locum’ consulting and surgical vet.

Outside the clinic, you’ll find me with a laptop in a shaded part of the garden, authoring practical and easy-to-follow pet care articles to ensure top-quality advice is available to all.

Dr Daisy A. May MRCVS BVSc veterinarian

Owner of All About Parrots – Carrie Stephens (Owner And Author)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrie-stephens-3b4061299

“I’m Carrie Stephens, and I’m obsessed with parrots!

It all started when I inherited a parakeet (budgie) from a friend. Unfortunately, she could no longer care for the bird, so I agreed to step in until she found it a permanent home.

I’ve got a 15-year-old blue and gold macaw, a 7-year-old African gray, and a 6-year-old Senegal parrot.

The early days of caring for my parrots were challenging, as I could barely find any useful information. It was a stressful experience every time my parrots did something a little unusual.

After speaking to various vets and learning first-hand through my experiences, I understood how to best care for my parrots and keep them happy and healthy.

I set this site up to share my experience and expertise with other parrot owners. I hope to make life easier and provide advice that has worked well for me.”

Carrie Stephens

Looking For Parrot Care Tips?

Now you know everything about our founder, expert writers, mission, and vision, it’s time to get those burning parrot questions answered.

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