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What Do Dreams About Parrots Mean?

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2023)

Regardless of whether you own a parrot, you may have dreams about these colorful, intelligent birds. Depending on your culture, lifestyle, and opinion on psychology, it can have several meanings.

The interpretations can be detailed, telling, or extremely vague. The key is to think about how the dreams reflect things in your waking life.

The meaning of a dream will depend on the person. For example, the Mehinaku people of Brazil believe parrot dreams symbolize your children and their future.

In the West, dreams involving parrots usually symbolize gossip or mirroring.

Blue parrots may translate to sadness, while green parrots reflect your childhood.

Flying parrots could be a bad omen, while a parrot whispering in your ear could be about your worries.

Of course, these meanings can change based on the extra details in your dreams. Likewise, certain religions, cultures, and backgrounds weigh more or less on dreams.

The parrots could reflect important iconography, but they could also be a manifestation of stress.

The Symbolism of Parrots in Dreams

Parrots have no one fixed symbolism in dreams.

The meaning differs from person to person, and interpreting dreams is closely entwined with the person. To understand the meaning of parrots in dreams, you need to evaluate the following:

  • The kind of dream it was, be it a nightmare or a comforting fantasy.
  • The feeling you got from the dream, such as happiness, confusion, or fear.
  • What was the parrot doing in the dream?
  • What the parrot looked like.
  • How did you react to the parrot in the dream?
  • How you view parrots in the waking world.
  • Your culture, background, or religion.

Your opinions and understanding of parrots in the real world impact how you dream about them.

  • For some, parrots mean freedom, traveling, and flying.
  • For others, parrots mean mimicking and mirroring others.
  • If you fear parrots, they could mean anxiety about the future.
  • If your religion or culture has parrots in iconography or stories, that may translate into your dreams.

Depending on your views on psychology, parrots may reflect a repressed unconscious desire.

According to The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, that’s a popular theory posited by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalytic theory. Your interaction with a parrot in your dream could symbolize a repressed urge.

No matter the case, people have been dreaming about parrots for centuries.

Keep Having Dreams About Parrots

Colors and numbers each have their special symbolism in dream interpretation. When paired with the meaning of parrots, this can shed a whole new light on your dream. Consider the following:

  • How the parrot looked in your dream.
  • If there were several parrots.
  • The specific colors the parrots had.

This can help you understand the meaning for yourself.

dreams involving parrots

Dreams About Colorful Parrots

Colorful parrots are bright, exotic, and noticeable. Because of that, the color might reflect your perception of luxury. If colorful parrots enter your dreams, this could mean that you are:

  • Too focused on your appearance.
  • Value material things too much.

It could be a sign to evaluate your self-worth and the worth of other people in your life. Maybe try focusing more on the immaterial, such as:

  • Personality.
  • Hobbies.
  • Experiences.
  • Interests.

There could be a second meaning if that doesn’t resonate with you. Dreaming of a colorful parrot can also relate to your personality or the personality of those around you. It could mean that you or someone you’re close to has an eccentric or obnoxious personality.

This causes you or that person to stand out and be seen as “exotic,” like a parrot. If this is a concern to you, you could try the following:

  • Asking your loved ones what they honestly think about you.
  • Toning down your personality if it’s a problem.

Dreams About Blue Parrots

If you remember the parrot’s specific color in your dream, this could have a different meaning. Dreaming about blue parrots is considered to symbolize rumors about you.

The color blue usually represents sadness. Likewise, parrots are talkative and mimic the words of others, which can be related to gossip. That means that a blue parrot could signify that someone close to you is:

  • Starting a rumor about you.
  • Saying harmful things about you that will eventually make you sad.

Dreams of Green Parrots

In dreams, green parrots are associated with childhood memories. The dream could be informing you of unresolved emotions from your early years. Try to pay attention to the following:

  • Other things are happening in that dream.
  • Where the green parrot was located.
  • What the background looked like.

Alternatively, the dream can mean that:

  • Someone is trying to communicate with you.
  • You are not receiving the message somehow.

In your dream, is the green parrot talking to you or sitting near someone else talking to you? This could mean that someone is trying to send a message.

Dreaming of Two Parrots

In dream symbolism, the number 2 represents balance and partnership. If you dream of 2 parrots, this could refer to your relationship with your partner or spouse. Pay attention to what the parrots are doing and saying in your dream. This can give you insight into your relationships in real life.

The number 2 can also signify a multiplier of 2, meaning double the strength. Since parrots occasionally symbolize gossip, this could mean that 2 people are gossiping about you behind your back.

Likewise, a rumor that someone has spread about you may be traveling and increasing in strength.

Dreaming of Many Parrots

Some people dream of several parrots rather than just 2.

The meaning of this is similar to doubling the strength of a rumor, but it’s even worse. Many parrots will symbolize several people talking about you and spreading your secrets.

This could also mean that you are worried about people gossiping behind your back. You may also be concerned that someone you confided in will break your trust and tell others.

Dreams Involving Parrots

In addition to the parrot’s appearance, how you interact with the parrot in your dream affects the interpretation. Parrots can symbolize gossip, but they can also symbolize mirroring.

These birds are known for mimicking human speech, movements, and behavior, like dancing. Try to think about the following:

  • Anything you did to (or for) the parrot.
  • What the parrot did to you.

This can provide more insight into the people gossiping about you or the people you’re mirroring.

Catching A Parrot in A Dream

If you dream about catching or capturing a parrot, this could mean that you will:

  • Catch someone in the act of gossiping.
  • Catch someone as they spread a rumor about you.

However, this could also be interpreted more generally. Catching a parrot could mean you’ll soon “catch” a new person. For example, you will meet a new friend or significant other soon.

If the parrot is colorful, you might see that person as beautiful, bubbly, or enticing.

Dreaming of Feeding A Parrot

Feeding a parrot is a nurturing act that helps it grow and mature. Since parrots in dreams symbolize gossip, if you dream about feeding a parrot, this could mean that:

  • You’re the one gossiping about others.
  • You’re feeding rumors, making them worse and worse.

Alternatively, this could relate to others gossiping about you. You keep telling secrets to someone you trust (feeding your secrets to them). Then, they keep spreading your secrets to others.

The meaning can change if you have a more positive association with parrots. For example, if you own a parrot, the dream could mean something extraordinary about the people in your life.

  • Your relationship with your significant other, a friend, or a family member will grow and strengthen.
  • You’ll soon meet a new love interest who could become your life partner if you nurture the relationship.

Dreaming of A Parrot Talking to You

If you dream about a parrot talking to you, pay attention to whatever it says. Its message will reflect issues you may be having in your life currently, which might concern:

  • Other people, with the message serving as a warning or information you should share with them.
  • Internal doubts and concerns, especially if the parrot is on your shoulder, talking into your ear.

If the parrot talks to you about 1 person, the bird represents that person, so it’s sending you a message about your thoughts or problems with this person.

This also indicates that the parrot in your dream keeps repeating the same word or phrase. Parrots in real life are masters of mimicking and repetition. In your dream, this means the parrot is:

  • Trying to inform you about habits you’re mirroring from others.
  • Telling you about bad habits you may be repeating over and over.

It could also refer to one person who keeps nagging or criticizing you. It may bother you so much that you constantly think about it. The parrot in your dreams will then continuously repeat it.

Dreaming of A Talking Parrot You Can’t Understand

Is the parrot talking to you, but you don’t understand anything it’s saying? Then, you may have problems in your life, but you either:

  • Don’t understand them.
  • You’re ignoring them.

It could also mean that:

  • People are trying to tell you something important, but you aren’t listening to what they’re saying.
  • You’re trying to speak but can’t figure out how to express your thoughts and feelings.
  • You feel like what you do say is going unheard and ignored.

According to Comparative Literature, in the W.G. Sebald novel Austerlitz, the main character dreams about a parrot that can’t be understood.

It speaks the language of a civilization that has died out, meaning nobody can interpret it. The study claims that this parrot dream represents:

  • The loss of a group of people.
  • How difficult it is to talk about people who are already gone.

Therefore, if you dream about a parrot you can’t understand, it could represent something similar. You may be experiencing difficulty expressing the loss of someone or something in your life.

dreaming of many parrots

Dreams About Parrots Attacking

If you dream about a parrot attacking you, you may feel attacked by someone in real life. This could be someone who is:

  • Dishonest.
  • Bullying you.
  • Gossiping about you.

It could also be about betrayal. Perhaps one of your friends hurt your feelings or damaged your trust, which upset you to the point of feeling attacked in your dreams.

The meaning escalates if multiple parrots are attacking you in your dream. It symbolizes various people attacking and harming you with their words or actions.

Are you the one attacking the parrot or the parrots? This means that you have pent-up anger or frustration about those around you. Perhaps it’s the anger you feel:

  • Toward a bully.
  • Toward one of your friends who betrayed or lied to you.

In this case, evaluate your life and determine who you may have these negative feelings toward. Consider repairing the relationship or cutting this person out of your life.

Dreaming of Killing A Parrot

Dreams about killing a parrot are similar to dreams about a parrot attacking you.

However, it’s taken to the extreme. This could mean that your pent-up anger or frustration has grown powerful and has built up to the point where you might soon explode.

This is an issue that you should confront soon. Otherwise, you might say something you regret to the person you’re angry toward.

Dreaming of killing a parrot could also mean you feel at an impasse. Killing the parrot in your dream could symbolize this obstacle in your life and your desire to get rid of it. This could be an issue:

  • In relationships.
  • At work.

If you have a parrot in real life, do you dream specifically about killing your parrot? This could mean there is something precious in your life that you need to get rid of.

It may include a toxic relationship with a partner, friend, or family member. Alternatively, this could be a manifestation of your worry about the pet parrot dying.

In the latter case, you’ll likely dream about it if you’re away on vacation or haven’t seen the parrot recently. Many pet owners feel anxiety about being away from their pets, and if you’re concerned about their safety, this dream will appear more often.

Weird Dreams About Parrots

Your parrot dreams may get more specific and strange. Pay attention to the finer details if you feel unsettled in the dream or disturbed by any events that transpire. Even if the parrot is a background item, it could have meaning.

Dreaming About Dead Parrots

Some people see dead parrots in their dreams, but they aren’t the ones who killed them.

This has a different meaning than if you killed the parrot yourself. It could symbolize the death of a relationship or friendship either because:

  • You sense it is dying.
  • You worry that it may end, even if it’s a healthy relationship.

Alternatively, it could be about your desire to end a relationship or friendship.

The dream’s meaning depends heavily on what is currently happening in your life. Are you single? Are you in a relationship? Is someone you’re close to sick? Have you recently had a fight?

This dream may concern whoever in your life you are:

  • Concerned about losing.
  • Thinking of leaving.

Dreaming About A Parrot Dying

If you have a pet parrot and see it dying in a dream, this is likely a nightmare. Nightmares represent real-life anxieties and fears. This means you could be scared about your parrot dying in the waking world. Perhaps it is sick or has a health issue.

You could also be worried about your parrot because you’re:

  • Away from it temporarily.
  • Unsure how well it’s doing with the pet sitter.
  • Worried that you spend too much time away from it.

These dreams can be terrible for pet owners to have. However, the only way to prevent these recurring dreams is to confront the worries and fears you have about your pet.

Recurring Dreams About Parrots

Having one dream about a parrot is different from having a recurring dream. If you have multiple parrot dreams, especially in a row, this could be your mind trying to relay a message, but you:

  • Haven’t understood it yet.
  • Find it hard to accept.

Therefore, the dream keeps coming back. For example, you may continue having dreams about dead parrots. This could mean that you’re anxious about losing one of your relationships.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, day-to-day concerns risk triggering a recurring dream more than most other factors. Therefore, thinking incessantly about a stressful topic before bed is likely to manifest in your dreams.

Parrots in Dreams During Pregnancy

Parrots in your dreams often represent other people, such as friends, partners, or children. If you dream about a parrot during pregnancy, especially a pet parrot, this could symbolize:

  • Your unborn child.
  • Hopes and concerns about them.

This kind of dream symbolism is primarily found in the culture of the Mehinaku, which is a group of indigenous people in Brazil.

According to Ethos, the Mehinaku believe all dreams are future symbols. Furthermore, dreams about pets represent the dreamer’s children.

In the Ethos study, 385 Mehinaku dreams were described. While many refer to birds, 3 dreams expressly refer to parrots:

  • A 23-year-old man dreamed of cutting down a tree and catching 2 parrots.
  • A 22-year-old man dreamed that a large bat had eaten his pet parrot.
  • A 40-year-old man dreamed that he had killed his pet parrot.

It’s possible that dreaming of catching parrots means that the dreamer will have children in the future. Likewise, dreaming of the parrot dying could mean the dreamer’s children will die soon.

Therefore, if you’re pregnant and have dreams about parrots, pay attention to the context of the dream. That can help you decipher what you might be thinking about your children.

weird dreams about parrots

Religious Symbolism of Parrots in Dreams

The symbolism of parrot dreams above is general. However, specific religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, all have their interpretations.

If you’re of these faiths, here’s what parrots and birds can mean in your dreams:

Parrots in Dreams in Hinduism

In Hinduism, dreams can represent what will happen in the future. Certain symbols are good luck, while others are bad omens.  

For example, if you see a bird (of any kind) flying in your dream, this symbolizes bad luck, meaning you’ll experience misfortune or setbacks in your life soon. On the other hand, hearing birdsongs means your situation will change for the better soon.

As for parrots, one sits on the shoulder of Goddess Madurai Meenakshi. According to Hindu mythology, witnessing a parrot in your dream could be a good omen.

Likewise, parrot dreams can be found in old Indian stories that teach lessons. One story, described in A Flowering Tree And Other Oral Tales from India, is about an Indian King.

He dreamt about a beautiful silver tree with an emerald parrot perched on it. He wanted to see this dream in real life, so he tasked his three sons with finding it. The King’s quest to find his dream became a wise test for leadership, and it determined which of his sons should rule the kingdom.

The story teaches that every dream has its price. In this case, dreaming about a parrot represented something beautiful and good, leading to a great result.

Dreaming of Parrots in Islam

Islam also interprets dreams and assigns symbolism to specific objects in them. For parrots, there can be many possible explanations. As a colorful, exotic bird, a parrot can represent:

  • An attractive woman from another country.
  • An arrogant man who is always bragging about himself.
  • A slave trader.
  • A liar.
  • An unjust person.
  • A slave girl.
  • An orphan boy.
  • An eloquent philosopher.

Although many of these symbols appear contradictory, they all represent different aspects of parrots.

As beautiful and exotic birds, they can represent an attractive foreign woman. Because parrots are known for their ability to speak, they can symbolize a braggart, a liar, and an eloquent philosopher.

Historically, parrots were taken from their homes in the New World and traded or sold to wealthy Europeans. This could be why they also symbolize slave traders, an unjust person, a slave girl, and an orphan boy.

Biblical Meaning of Parrots in Dreams

Although parrots aren’t mentioned in the Bible, birds have several meanings in Christianity.

They’re seen as messengers of God and symbols of peace and renewal. However, some birds aren’t seen favorably, like the raven, which represents laziness and insolence.

Parrots may also be seen less favorably than other birds in Christianity due to their association with gossip. This is considered an unwanted trait and a bad habit of people.

So, if you dream about parrots and are looking for a Biblical meaning, it could mean:

  • You’re gossiping.
  • Someone you know is gossiping.
  • You’re concerned that stories about you are spreading unchecked.

No matter your background, parrot dreams can have a vast range of meanings.

Note the details and your feelings in the dream to figure out what they symbolize. Something that means bad things for one person could mean good things for you, depending on how the meaning resonates with you.