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how much does a talking parrot cost?

Talking Parrot Cost (Things You NEED To Know Before Buying)

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Carrie Stephens

Speaking ability isn’t always correlated to the price tag. The cost of a talking parrot depends on species, gender, rare colors and markings, age, health, and conservation status.

Budgerigars can develop advanced vocabularies and can be bought for $20 to $50 at most pet stores. This is because budgies are easy to breed and popular pet birds.

African grays, widely considered the best-talking parrots, cost $1,000 to $3,500. They’re more expensive due to the legal hurdles breeders face, requiring a CITES Article 10 Certificate.

Adopting a parrot from an animal shelter rather than a breeder may lower the asking price. However, prospective owners should know that rehoming may be due to behavioral problems.

How Much Talking Parrots Cost

Here is the price of talking parrots:

Parrot SpeciesTalking AbilityAverage PriceAverage Lifespan
African gray parrotsUp to 1,000 words$1,500 to $3,50040 to 60 years
Amazon parrotsUp to 250 words$1,500 to $3,00040 to 70 years
Blue-and-gold macaws10 to 20 words$1,500 – $3,00030 to 35 years
BudgerigarsUp to 1000 words$20 to $507 to 15 years
Cockatoos10 to 30 words$600 to $1,50050 to 80 years
Eclectus parrotsUp to 250 words$1,250 to $2,00030 to 50 years
Hanh’s macawsAround 50 words$650 to $2,00020 to 30 years
Indian ringnecks200 to 250 words$300 to $60020 to 30 years
Quaker parrots50 to 60 words$300 to $90020 to 30 years
Senegal parrots15 to 20 words$600 to $80030 to 50 years
Severe macaws20 to 30 words$1,500 to $2,50030 to 50 years
Sun conures10 to 20 words$600 to $80020 to 30 years

How To Choose A Talking Parrot

Consider the following factors when selecting a pet parrot:

  • Noise level. Parrots may scream, whistle, and squawk. Some pet parrots are quieter than others.
  • Socialization. Few parrots cope well with prolonged periods alone, experiencing separation anxiety.
  • Temperament. All parrots have unique personalities, but species have core traits.

Consult an expert before choosing a talking parrot. Animals stated that attempting to home exotic species without understanding their needs is dissatisfying for all involved. 

Parrot That Talk The Best

The African gray parrot is the most skilled talker. With training, they can learn up to 1000 words. However, untrained parrots of all species will make chirps, whistles, and copy appliance noises.

how much does a talking parrot cost?

Cheapest Talking Parrot

Despite their small size and price tag, budgies are skilled talkers. They don’t always have the clearest speaking voices (a little grainy) but can learn more words than most large birds.

As budgies are so small and friendly, many people choose to care for more than one. While this will keep them happy, they’re likelier to communicate with each other in chirps and tweets than with you.

Smallest Talking Macaw

The Hahn’s macaw is 12-14 inches but has a larger-than-life personality. It’s considered a friendly parrot and among the most skilled talkers in the macaw family,

While Hahn’s macaws can learn up to 50 words, their voice is slightly raspy.

Male vs. Female Talking Parrots

It’s a common myth that only male parrots can speak. If you put effort into training a parrot to talk early in life, regardless of gender, you may be rewarded.

Parrots Talking All Day

You’re out of luck if you’re hoping for a quiet pet parrot that’ll speak when spoken to.

Parrots start their day by vocalizing enthusiastically. Some parrots periodically make noise throughout the day, but the noise diminishes once the sun rises.

The best way to maintain a positive dialog with a parrot is to speak to them as you go about your day because they like interacting with their owners.

A parrot stops vocalizing after sunset once you’ve covered the bird’s cage.

Parrots Aren’t Born Knowing How To Talk

Wild parrots communicate through body language and vocalizations, not human speech.

Parrots can learn human words through listening and repetition. Most parrots start to speak at 4-12 months old, depending on the species and training.

Teaching a parrot to speak early in life is likelier to yield positive results. Older parrots can learn to talk, but it isn’t easy once a bird develops a liking for making other sounds.

Why Some Parrots Don’t Talk

Many people adopt parrots because they want a talking pet. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that a parrot will repeat human words.

Some parrot species aren’t talkers. Others never learn to speak because they were never taught.

Something is amiss if a once chatty parrot suddenly stops communicating. The parrot could be unwell or have ceased communication if it feels slighted or jealous.

Easiest Parrot To Teach To Talk

Many parrot species can be trained to speak with exposure to human vocabulary. Parrots are intelligent and enjoy the intellectual stimulation of learning a new skill.

Set aside at least 15 minutes for vocal training, repeating this twice daily. Start with simple words.

Talk to the parrot during the day, even when not training them. This will strengthen the bond, making it more amenable to learning how to speak.

If a parrot has affection for you, it’ll be keen to please you by repeating your words.

average price of a talking parrot

Where To Buy A Talking Parrot

If you want to buy a talking parrot, you can find them at these places:

Specialist Breeders

The best way to find a talking parrot is through a licensed local breeder. They can provide the parrot’s medical history, tell you its age and bloodline, and answer questions.

Request a veterinary health certificate to confirm the bird has been quarantined and assessed for common avian illnesses and diseases.

Pet Stores

With parrots becoming popular pets, many stores stock live birds and accessories. However, your options at a chain like PetCo or PetSmart will likely be limited.

Purchasing a budgie from a chain store means the bird will be socialized around humans. You’ll also have access to various cages, accessories, and foods.

If you go to an independent pet store, you’re likelier to encounter uncommon species of parrots.

A pet store should have an established relationship with a parrot breeder and be able to answer questions about the bird’s heritage.

Animal Rescue Centers

Animal rescue shelters offer rehomed parrots at a low price or free of charge.

Find out why a parrot is being rehomed before agreeing to bring it home. In some cases, the bird will have outlived previous owners due to their human-like lifespans.

Many parrots are rehomed as previous owners can’t meet these birds’ complex care needs.

Not all states allow specific pet birds because they pose a risk to the ecosystem. Check that parrots are legal to own where you live because hefty fines can be incurred for illegal ownership.